Fuck me. Fuck you. Yoko!
I like a lot of music from everywhere
just try out what you want to taste.

My favorite Band is MUCC! I will never change them!

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And I get flashed every week to something

So you better don't wonder about me.

I love most DNB!!~ Its so flashy that you just have to dance `-´!! ♥

& ROck!!~ [EMO/SCREAMO]* Its so crunky that you have to pogo~

*but I really hate Emogirlies based on H&M Stuff. Also People wearing just black and being all time depressed and pissed D;!

♥ @ Techno, Trance, Hip Hop&RnB, Pop (BBoys, who are gay :D), DNB & RETRO Electro stuff, Grunge mixed up with Reggea, Emo and Electronic !! Emo & Punk also got a special Taste in my world. Say Love to Chromeo ~ Retro Star !

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ถ่ายเดียว [Thai Music]

日本語 [Japanese Music]

한국의 [Korean Music]

Polska [Polish Music]

France [French Music]

USA [American Music]

Kakaka ✖✖✖
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